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Here at Tint FX, we specialize in residential and commercial window tinting. We carry a wide range of film to best fit each unique need. From crystal clear film that has no tint appearance but still blocks heat & UV to super reflective privacy film and lots of colours and shades to choose from. We also carry blackout tint, frost tint, decorative films, anti-graffiti film and Armor Coat Security Film. And starting May 1st of 2019, we will be doing commercial vehicle wraps and tinting. We are always out working with various people trying to create the perfect environment of either your workspace or personal space.

Residential and Commercial Window Tinting

What our tint can do for you:


Block an amazing amount of Solar Heat Energy


Reduce unwanted glare


During the summer time the tint keeps heat out while during the winter the film helps to keeps the heat in! Its insulation for your windows


A deterrent barrier against intruders for added security and piece of mind


Protect interiors such as furniture, floors, art etc. from sun fade. Even helps protect your valuable wine collection from the harmful solar rays. Our film blocks 99.9% sun damaging UV & up to 98% infrared light


Ad comfort and privacy to your home or office


Can Help you save up to 30% on utility bills by lowering the demand for heating & cooling while also reducing your carbon footprint.

Commercial Projects


Residential Homes


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Residential Tinting

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Commercial Tinting

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Security Films

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Customized Vinyl Applications

The exterior walls of your house have insulation to keep the HEAT OUT in summer and keep HEAT IN during winter, right? Windows are like an open door, other than blocking the wind they offer very little insulation allowing heat to enter through all your windows in the summer and allowing your interior heat in the winter to escape. TINT IS INSULATION FOR YOUR WINDOWS! Our tint blocks heat from BOTH sides. In summer it stops heat from going in your house. In winter it stops the heat from leaving your house. Once your home reaches YOUR desired temperature in the summer or winter, it is locked in. This results in running A/C less in summer and running heater less in winter which reduces your utility bills all while reducing your carbon footprint.