Tinted Windows Benefit your Home and Your Health

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By the time summer rolls around we are all keen to get out and enjoy a bit of sunshine after feeling cooped up for what seems like forever. However, for too long the dangers of spending too much time in the sun have been drummed into us all by experts and doctors. So, to prevent these health problems, a lot of people try to ensure that they take as many of the necessary precautions including drinking enough water, wearing plenty of sun cream, and sunhats. All of which can prevent sunburn and sunstroke, or worst case scenario, skin cancer.

While not everyone will follow this advice out of choice, many will find they have become the latest victim of the sun because they have forgotten to re-apply sun cream after going in the sea or have just forgotten how long they have been lying in the sun for.  It’s not until it is too late, and you get home that you realize you are bright red and sore.

Once you are inside and out of the sun, chances are you think you are out of danger from the sun. However, this isn’t true. Even behind your closed door, hazards and health problems because of the sun are ever present.

The Dangers Of Being Indoors

The thought that being indoors can cause you health problems might seem alarming, and you could be questioning why and how this could be. The reason you are still at risk in your own home is that the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, also known as UV, can penetrate the windows and harm your skin and your home.

What You Can Do To Protect Yourself

Tinted windows are becoming a fashionable household essential to have in recent years, and slowly more and more people are seeing the benefits of making this long-term investment, especially in terms of their health and their home living.
There are several benefits to getting tinted windows including:


Consistent temperatures in your house


Reduces unwanted glare


Can protect your skin, furniture, and carpets


Improved safety and security in your home

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You will have the added security of these windows that you are doing something proactive for our family and your home in the fight against the sun causing long term damages.

Consistent Temperature

Having tinted windows installed in your home will see your energy bills dramatically improve because the windows are built specifically to keep the heat in during the winter and blocks the heat from coming in during the summer time. By blocking out the heat, it will mean you are less inclined to need to use the air conditioning system you have in place. Furthermore, by having a consistent temperature throughout the entire house, you are going to reduce the risk of mould and mites which are significant causes of asthma and other respiratory diseases. Compared to before, the condensation of warm air flowing from one room to another would cause water vapours which cause mould and mites in your house. It can all be reduced by having consistent temperatures from having tinted windows.

Reduce Unwanted Glare

As children you were told not to look directly into the sun because of the damage it could cause to your eyes, and so you wear sunglasses to ensure this doesn’t happen. So, why do we ignore it inside? Although it doesn’t sound as dangerous, the glare from the sun coming through the windows might be causing problems without you even realizing it. A glare caused in your house can make it challenging to see screens such as your TV or computer and therefore will make you strain your eyes to see. Although it might seem minor, this for a lot of people is the reason for their headaches but having tinted windows in place means that is avoided.

Reduces The Chances Of Skin Cancer

Reduces The Chances Of Skin Cancer

The main benefit of installing tinted windows is, of course, the significant health benefits for your skin as well as your furniture and carpets. By the tinted windows blocking the UV from coming through, you can protect your skin from ageing quicker and reduce the chance of getting skin cancer. For your household furniture and carpets, you can stop them from fading sooner than they should too because the sun isn’t shining on them.

Upgrades Your Home

The modern look to the windows will give you the privacy you deserve, and for those considering selling their house, something to bear in mind is that homes with tinted windows will increase their curb appeal and you could find yourself making a tidy profit.

By taking all these extra precautions, if you do find yourself having accidentally sat in the sun for too long, at least you’ll know that thanks to your tinted windows you are safe from the damage of the sun.


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