Tips to Maintain Your Tinted Home Windows

by | Last updated Dec 14, 2020 | Published on Dec 14, 2020 | Window Tinting

There are numerous benefits of tinted windows: they enhance a building’s appearance, reduce utility bills, and improve privacy. If you install tinted windows, your home immediately becomes cooler for the windows, block solar heat and UV light. When living in such a home, you will rarely depend on air conditioners and fans. Since tinting, your windows are an investment. It is wise to ensure they can last for a long time. It is only possible through proper maintenance. Read on and find out how you can maintain your tinted home windows.

How to Maintain Your Tinted Home Windows


Be Patient

At times newly installed tinted windows can take up to 30 days to stick into place. All this period, they are very delicate as well as vulnerable to lifting and scratching. After installing your window tints, the professionals will advise on the length of time you are supposed to wait before you embark on cleaning. It is good to follow the instructions the window tint professional gave during installation. After the waiting period has elapsed, you should clean your windows either in the evening or early morning. This time the window tints are cooler hence less vulnerable.


Be Gentle When Cleaning

It would be best to use a mild solution when cleaning your tinted windows—for instance, plain water and a little washing soap. Avoid using soaps that contain harsh chemicals like vinegar, ammonia, and alcohol because they make the film fade or have bubbles eventually pilling off. Moreover, do not use abrasive solutions, for they tend to scratch the tint film, ultimately weakening it. As you clean, use a synthetic sponge or a soft cloth. More importantly, do not scrub aggressively so as not to scratch the tint. If you have to use a rubber squeegee when cleaning, ensure it does not contain any sharp edges that can
damage the tint.


Be Attentive When Cleaning the Joints

The parts that are most vulnerable to lifting are the joints and the edges. Therefore, be extremely gentle when cleaning them, which also applies to the section where two tints overlap. In case of a film lifts, moisture will get in between the glass and the film. Within no time, the entire film will start bubbling or lifting.


Dry Your Windows After Cleaning

As much as you will clean the windows, they should not contain water when you start cleaning. Therefore, start by using a dry cloth that can soak up moisture. After that, examine if you can see any damages or lifts on the film. In case you notice any damage consult a window tint expert for professional advice. But if your window tints are okay, proceed and clean them. After you have completed cleaning, dry your windows. Ensure the window is completely dry by wiping any liquid present around the
window sill. If you use paper towels, do not use them on the glass. Use them in the window sill only.

What Not to Use When Cleaning

As highlighted earlier, you can use some products when cleaning your windows and cause adverse effects. If you want your window tints to last longer and in good condition, it would be best to avoid them. They include:

  • Ammonia: ammonia-based window cleaners cause the window tint to appear imperfect, weaker, and dry and reduces the darkness aspect of the tint
  • Abrasive materials such as scouring pads and newspapers
  • Sharp-edged objects: at times, people use sharp edges objects like razor blades to eliminate the bubbles. Any sharp object can damage your tint. Alternatively, use a plastic debit or credit card. It would be best to wrap it with a soft cloth to minimize the sharpness, if any.
  • Steam cleaning. At times people want to steam clean their windows. Steam has an adverse effect on window tints. 

What to Keep in Mind After Installing the Window Tints

  • During the period, you will be advised by the window tint professional installer to wait for it to dry, avoid closing, or open the window. It is because opening the window can make the tint warp or crack. Ultimately your house will have uneven window tints.
  • In case you realize that your windows look oily or streaked, put warm water on a spray bottle, and spritz them. After that, wipe the water using chamois or microfibre. In case the windows are dirty, you can use mild soap, as explained earlier.

Final Word

It is a good idea to maintain your tinted windows to enjoy their benefits for a longer time. As you conduct your cleaning, be mindful of how you do it to avoid damaging your tinted home windows. In case visible signs of wear or any form of damage, seek advice from a window tint professional. More importantly, purchase window tints from a legit dealer who offers durable residential window tints and has a generous warranty period.