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Not all windows can be tinted. If you have a double pane window with LOW-E coating, there are limited options. The same goes for triple pane windows! The way triple pane windows are designed, it just takes longer for the energy to make it though, great for a sound barrier, but can not have any interior window film to help keep the heat out. We would have to apply an exterior film application that wouldn’t last as long as an internal film.

    Are you looking for something to block some of the heat or to reject the UV rays? All of our films will reject a minimum of 99% of the UV rays which contribute to 40% of fading factor. The type of glass you have will play an essential factor in the kind of film you can use, not all glass can be tinted.

    Depending on how dark of film you would like, type of film (privacy film, heat rejection film), and difficulty of windows ( shape, height from the floor), and type of glass ( Double Pane clear, Low-E, Triple Pane), will help determine the price per sq./ft. For supply and install. We have films that can block out at least 30% of the solar energy coming into your home up to 82% rejection. The average cost for a normal double pane, clear glaze, 48″ off the floor would be $10 per sq./ft. We do have a minimum charge of $299 plus tax for any installs. That gives you up to 30 sq./ft. (60″x72″) of glass coverage.


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    It is always best to set up an appointment to have us come by to test for the type of glass you have and to go though our sample book to select a film that would best suite your needs. All quotes and site visits are free!!